Peggy Jones Pfister is a photographer and digital artist based in Houston, Texas.  A native of Houston, she grew up in cities on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Beginning with winning a coloring contest at age six, Peggy has always enjoyed creative outlets in her spare time throughout her life, and now full-time.  She has especially enjoyed needle and fabric arts, photography, and digital art.  She has taken several online photography courses, and otherwise is largely a self-taught artist.  She loves researching and problem solving, two of the most critical elements of continual learning in any endeavor.

Peggy’s photographic interests include plants, architecture, abstracts, and macros.  She is especially drawn to color, line, pattern, repetition, and other graphic elements, and enjoys showcasing those elements in the captured image, as well as highlighting them via post processing enhancements.  

Peggy has enjoyed success in several online photography contests including,,, and  Her work has been exhibited in group shows at Hardy & Nance Studios, JoMar Visions, and the Lawndale Art Center in Houston, and at 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles.

Peggy is the owner and creative director of Right Rock Images.